By antonemya, Jun 9 2016 01:20AM

This it’s the battle that everybody was waiting for, this month I received more than 20 emails from people asking me to write a review about these two tools and I decided to make a comparison about them because you will see better the differences. Let’s start with my favorite tool.

Ableton Live 9 Review

Hmm I don’t know from where to start because this software has so many great features, and I used it since I was 18 years old ( now I’m 23 ), Ableton Live 9 it’s one of the most popular DAW ever made used by more than 1 million people around the world. Instrument and Effect Racks are perhaps the most valued aspect because you will have so many tools and those effects are badass most people buy this software because of the Racks effects, this tool also works on Windows and Linux OS. That’s why so many people use it, Logic Pro only runs on MAC OS, and not everybody has a MacBook. But I searched on a website, and I found a solution about how you can use Logic Pro X for windows without any software, it’s a simple trick to make it work. If you don't want to buy it you can get a free trial to test this software first and if you like it you can buy it .

Logic Pro X Review

This one’s a cheap tool with many features you can make every type of music using Logic Pro; many artists use it. It’s simple to use it, and if you want to make some good music, you need to download the training ebook from the official website because without it you can’t make those badass beats. I don’t like this tool because it’s only made for MAC OS and I don’t have a MacBook, and I can’t use this tool.I know that a lot of people are searching for a way to make this software work on windows but i don't think you can find a good method because i already searched for it .

After I reviewed both tools I think that the winner it’s Logic Pro, the price it’s better and also the interface, it’s more friendly with more instruments and effects.

By antonemya, May 20 2016 10:30PM

I played a little $40/$80 online yesterday and won a small amount. Enough to cover the day's buy-ins and a little extra, so I'm still down a small amount for this trip. After that I made myself go to bed early so I could be up in time for today's satellites.

In the $500 one I started off great. In the first round I raised 55 utg to 125, blinds 25/50. The guy after me called, as did the big blind, and the flop came JT4. Big blind checked, I bet 250, guy to my left called, big blind folded. I was ready to give up the pot but the turn brought a 5. Presto! I bet 400 and guy to my left raised to 1500. I stuffed for about 4k and he called with aces. Niiiiiice play with aces sir. He got what he had coming to him, and I got his stack. I was up to 8k or so.

After that I botched a hand against "Action" Bob Hwang. I had never met him before (turns out he is a reader) but had heard a lot about him from Matt Matros. He raised early to 250 (blinds 50/100) and I called on the button with TT. The flop came Jxx, he bet 400 and I called. The turn was a Q, we both checked. The river was another rag and he bet 1100. I really should have folded, but I outthought myself. I thought my hand looked a lot like TT or 99 to him and maybe he was trying to bet me off with AK. That logic has some merit, but I just don't think it was right, he almost had to have at least a jack there.

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